Is Your Gainesville Ga Electrician Performing Load Calculations?

Hi, this is George with Argo electrical services, and I am the surge protector guy. So this is our second podcast today, I want to welcome everyone. So the title today is, is your electrician performing load calculations. And so I had to shorten up my title. But anyway, the question is, is your electrician […]

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Surge Protectors, Why Gainesville Georgia Homeowners Should Get Them

Hi, this is George with Argo electrical services. And I am the surge protector guy. And this is podcast number five for us concerning whole house surge protection. So first off, I wrote down some questions and some, you know statements. So we could be a little organized here. And so the first question I […]

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Gainesville Ga, Update Your Electrical Panels…4 Reasons!

Hi, this is George Argo with Argo electrical services. And I am the surge protector guy. So this is our first podcast, and welcome Glad you’re here. Hopefully we can add some value to your listening. Pleasure. And yeah, maybe there’s something that’s pertinent and it relates to you. So the name of today’s podcast […]

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Gainesville.. Welcome to the Argo Electrical Podcast

Hi, I’m Georgia Argo, a non restricted electrical contractor in the state of Georgia. I’ve been working in the electrical field for over 35 years now, I have a small brick and mortar type electrical service based in Gainesville, Georgia. I am beginning this blog to not only improve my presence on the Internet, but […]

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Electrical Hazards

Electrical Safety is Important Approximately 400 humans died from Electrocution in 2021 in the United States. Over 4000 individuals suffered electrical injuries due to shock, but they were not life threatening. Due to increased improvements of safety features humanity has been blessed for fatality numbers to decrease over the past 40 years. As we experience […]

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Providing Electrical Installations for New Home  in Gainesville GA.

Renovation in Older Homes

Contact us to get a rough estimate of the cost you can expect to replace meters, indoor electrical panels, to install residential electrical indoor sub panels, repair receptacles, light switches , installing whole house surge protection or any electrical projects you have.

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Car Charger

Car Charger Installation

Electric car charging is easier than you think Anyone can charge at home or on the road at public charging stations. The cost to charge an EV is the same as the standard residential electric rate, which varies, but is typically substantially less than fuel costs.

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One glowing bulb which illustrates "standing out from the others"

Lighting Design

Not only do we specialize in lighting fixture replacement, we also can give your olderproperty a complete electrical makeover. We can perform entire home and property re-devising. This includes all new receptacles, switches, cover plates, and our replacementmethod also involves a commercial installation method that very few of our competitioneither practices or are aware of.

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