Electric Car Chargers for Gainesville Ga. Home Owners

Good morning. This is George Argo with Argo electrical services. And I am the surge protector guy, and today is one of our podcast. And what we want to talk about today is upgrade your electrical system at your home for Evie chargers or electrical vehicle chargers. So anytime that I dive into something that I’m not aware of the first thing I do is, is I go online and sign in to the National Fire Protection sociation.org the nfpa.org and I go into the link section, and then I can open up a online copy of the National Electrical Code. So if you search out electrical vehicle in the National Electrical Code, it’s going to send you to a big list of stuff in article 625 article 625 The National Electrical Code covers all electrical wiring and equipment installed between the service point in the automotive type evey automotive type EVs are emphasized because they are much different from other commonly used electrical vehicles, such as industrial forklifts, hoists, lifts, transports golf carts and airport personnel trams, the charging systems and the other exterior electrical connections for these off road vehicles are usually serviced and maintained by train mechanics or technicians. So, you can find it definitions in the NEC for the following terms in article 100, they have a they have a definition for electrical power converter, electrical vehicle connector, electrical vehicle power export equipment, electrical vehicle supply equipment fastened in place fixed in place load management, output cable to electrical vehicle output cable to primary pad, personnel protection system as applied to evey se portable primary pad, wireless power transformer and wireless power transfer equipment. Wow, that’s a mouthful. So that’s like 1234569 12. That’s 5014 definitions that the National Electrical Code is all fit to put in there. And the main reason I want to talk about this is because a lot of my customers are putting off upgrading their electrical services at their home because of just the the outright cost of it, but this is coming down the pike very fast. In about five years, you will not be able to buy brand new a gas powered vehicle. Everything that will be for sale will be we’ll be electric vehicles and it may be six or seven years. But at the end of the day, it’s going to become more cost effective, tax wise. And you know, just money at the gas pump to use an electrical vehicle as opposed to buy vehicles that are fueled by fossil fuels. So anyway, I’m just wanted to talk about that this morning. Once again, my name is George Argo. And we are going to ethical services and I am the surge protector guy, we’re going to do a series on knees and we’re gonna go through all these definitions and talk about what it will take to upgrade your electrical service. So the basics today you know, when we replace a meter base at a residential property right now the National Electrical Code wants a won’t say immediate disconnect at the service entrance the first point um, you know, and you know, so you’ve got a wire running from the transformer at the road or underground, the transformer and it comes to your meter base and there’s that little glass thing which is the meter. You know you as the homeowner you actually own everything on the house except for that meter. Wherever the power company wire stops and your starts. You own everything but that meter. Well when we upgrade these meter bases. We try to give our customer’s a meter base that has either 468 Extra circuit spots, and right there at on the outside the exterior of your home. And having said that, it’d be much easier to run 30 foot of wire out of that meter base down to the edge of your garage and put you a car charger there, instead of trying to tear up the inside of the house to put a extra circuit in the house. And you know, more times than not, especially if you have a home that’s 3540 years old and there’s been a remodel at some point. The chance of you having any room in your panel is going to be very slim. And even if you do have room it’s kind of like your checkbook just because you have checks in the checkbook doesn’t mean there’s money in the account. So anyway, we’ll return to this again soon. My name is George, I am the surge protector guy you can contact me at 770-596-1437 Thank you

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