Shoreline Management Exhibit C Documents Lake Lanier Corp of Engineers

Hi, this is George with Argo electrical and I am the surge protector guy.

So Today we’d like to talk to you about the requirements for installation and use of electrical service on government property it like said Sidney Lanier so if you own a lake property in the Gainesville, Buford, Dawsonville area, Cumming Georgia, it’s very well likely that you have electrical service there. So they’ve got a note in there documenting this Shoreline Management Exhibit C, that you will have to have signed every five years to keep your electrical permit good on your dock or like Lanier says all installations must meet or exceed national electrical code standards for wet locations marinas and boatyards article 555 And I titled the National Electrical Code handbook and any additional requirements set by the Corps of Engineers is listed below. So we’ll start out with a line item A installation for property lines shoreline service pole must be underground and follows access path no overhead wiring number two only types UF and USB cable may be used three installation requirements cables may be direct arrayed or enclosed and approved conduit the minimum burial depth is 24 inches and the warning tape must be 12 inches deep alright so down into shoreline, you will have to have a service pole and it cannot be set below elevation of 1073 MSL you know we generally do these at a eight six foot height total height and and it says in the next line maximum six by six square diameter is the maximum 10 foot long would be your maximum which would be eight foot above the ground. So you’d want at least two to three foot in the dirt and then seven eight foot above the ground wooden post only are allowed no utility post all right. So shoreline service panel box must be eye level must be no less than five feet above the ground. cable leading from the ground into the panel must be enclosed in conduit and hardwired okay and your service from the shoreline panel box to the boat dock cable from panel box must be hardwired into the ground fault circuitry only approved for wet locations may be used. Locking and grounding receptacles and plugs are required at Shoreline distribution panel and or service connections for floating facility and our ship to shore receptacles. Surplus cable use for use during low Lake elevations may be caught up and attached to the service pole. All right, are you receptacles must have ground fault protection at the service pole. They must be in weatherproof receptacle boxes with self closing tabs maximum number of receptacles on guard is to single or one duplex receptacle receptacles providing shoreline power for both said 20 amp minimum rating. That means don’t bother 15 amp receptacles 20 amp is a commercial grade must be locking in grounding tight convenience outlets 15 and 20 amp rated only. Must be plugged in when attached. When unattended and not yet may be unplugged. When unattended and not in use. receptacle height on a service post minimum of four foot above the ground. On the boat dog minimum of 30 inches above the deck. Dock wiring must be approved for wet locations and enclosed in conduit into conduit must be installed to prevent entry of moisture. Links of liquid tight flexible conduit must be utilized at Mobile ramp and dock joints I mean across the gangplank Okay. Lighting minimum minimum requires for Safe Access will be allowed maximum bulb size for any purpose is 150 wise. fixtures in lights must be approved for wet locations and cannot be mounted to extend beyond the outer perimeter of the boat dock. All lights must be aimed downward lighting along with Half, maybe mushroom tight with no exposed wiring. General guidelines all breakers cables, cords and receptacles must be sized to accommodate service needs, too. It is recommended that a licensed electrician, perform installed installation and then they give you a picture of all this stuff. And so if you’re interested, if you need recertification of your exhibit, save for your Shoreline Management on your dock on Lake Lanier. Call me I’m George Argo with Argo electrical services. You can reach me at 770-596-1437 or you can find me on the web at Argo electrical. Thanks and have a great day.

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