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Hi I’m George with Argo electrical services and I’m here today to introduce yourself to me and some of the services that we offer so you see popping up there switches and receptacles.  We can repair any devices in your home your commercial properties we also offer  full re-devices.  Maybe you got an older

home that was built in the 60s or 70s.  We offer all kinds of solutions for that. We can handle ceiling fans anything from a small kitchen ceiling fan to keep mom cool during the summer time, when she’s cooking those wonderful Sunday meals. Right on up to Big Ass Fans to go into a medium and large size commercial settings. Our group installs  any kinds of interior electrical panels. Perhaps you need a sub panel. If you’re wanting to add a spa or  a sauna on your property and your breaker box is full.  Call Me We perform load calculations. We can figure it out for you, do it safely,  and we’ll give you a warranty on our work. If you’re having a problem with a breaker or the breaker continues to trip.  You know, maybe it’ll stay on for a few minutes and then trip.  We got you we can figure it out for you. We’re experts in  this type of work.  Also, we do complete remodels. We can do everything from rewiring your  entire home.  About 10 years ago, we did a house out in North Hall.  That was built in the 1890s.  We completely rewired the house. Central Heating and Air,  the new meter base,  new interior panel with arc fault ground fault breakers, including a new water heater,  everything.
We are on Lake Lanier. We do dock inspections, wire your docks and even troubleshoot issues on your dock. Maybe it’s flickering lights, and by golly you just can’t figure out.  What if  you changed all the light
bulbs, maybe you even changed the switch?

Call George,  he can figure it out for you. Our Electricians offer much, much, more and if you’re
interested in any of those services or maybe you’ve got another service like a whole house surge protector that you are interested in having installed.  What if your energy cost’s have went through the roof.  Call Us today at 770-596-1437 or you can go online at ArgoElectrical.Com  Call me today and you want to schedule your appointment here’s what you’re going to get first and foremost we’re going to give you upfront pricing with no surprises second we’re going to give you warranties on your purchases we have been in business in North Georgia since 2008 and you can find out all the services that we offer at argolectrical.com.

Give me a call now 770-596-1437 we’ll do our best to get you on the schedule today. Argo  provides
great solutions for your needs.  Now questions or comments? Don’t hesitate to leave it down in the comments section below this video.  You can always email me at info@ArgoElectrical.com  Like I said
before, we’re serving the Gainesville,  Cumming,  Dawsonville  and other surrounding areas in North Georgia.  The  phone number is  770-596-1437
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