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Lighting Design

Not only do we specialize in lighting fixture replacement, we also can give your olderproperty a complete electrical makeover. We can perform entire home and property re-devising. This includes all new receptacles, switches, cover plates, and our replacementmethod also involves a commercial installation method that very few of our competitioneither practices or are aware of.

Some of our customers have utilized our custom designed lighting retrofits in largerhomes that resulted in over a Thirty Percent savings in monthly energy consumption.We have installed over fifty whole house surge protection and suppression. Thisinstallation also entails a Grounding upgrade that provides comprehensive groundingelectrode utilization and when required upgrades that we perform in a flash. If you havean older property we can help you completely redesign your electrical system. Theperformance of the electric system in your home will determine the lifetime, longevity,and performance of all your major appliances.

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