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Hi, I’m Georgia Argo, a non restricted electrical contractor in the state of Georgia. I’ve been working in the electrical field for over 35 years now, I have a small brick and mortar type electrical service based in Gainesville, Georgia. I am beginning this blog to not only improve my presence on the Internet, but also to open discussion about electrical theory, electrical installations, and possibly a how to guide on running a small service business in the metro Atlanta area or an area near you. One of the things I do to stay abreast of the ever changing National Electrical Code is continuing education. I also follow experts in the electrical field, on social media, YouTube, so on and so forth. I work on my tools most days and I execute customer service for my small business. Hopefully we can gain as much knowledge and understanding from our electrical predecessors as possible. I’m quickly approaching 60 years old. I know many of my electrical heroes are aging quickly. This is an exercise to attempt to electronically document the knowledge that I can find I have been given and then research of the National Electrical Code and the NFPA. In general, any images information and direction is totally owned by the groups and individuals that generated distributed and directed electricians two years. This is meant to be purely educational and otherwise has not been produced for monetary gain. Otherwise all content within is owned by Georgia, Argo, Argo, electrical services, and any other individuals who make input to sad efforts. Thank you

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