Electrical Hazards

Electrical Safety is Important

Approximately 400 humans died from Electrocution in 2021 in the United States. Over 4000 individuals suffered electrical injuries due to shock, but they were not life threatening. Due to increased improvements of safety features humanity has been blessed for fatality numbers to decrease over the past 40 years. As we experience life today, we are exposed to potential electrical dangers continuously. Modern life exposes everyone to potential shocks all the time. Wheteher it’s on the job, when we are enjoying hobbies at home, or even making coffee at the beginning of the day.

Capacitor Creativity

Electricity is like water, it flows to the path of least resistance.

Being unaware of CODE changes really isn’t an excuse to expose yourself, your family and friends, your customers, or even visitors to your property to potential danger. Prior Planning Prevents Potential Problems. In the inception of the fuse box or Electrical Panels, the purpose of these devices were to monitor usage of Electricity. Then, as our knowledge of Electrical Theory Improved, this equipment became more vital to protect equipment and outages. In the last 50 years the Building Codes at Local Municipalities and in the United States, The National Electrical Code has evoloved to protect Humans from the dangers of Electrical Shock.


What Kind of Clothing Should Electrical Workers Wear? 

Electrical workers should always wear a few very important types of clothing for safety reasons. Find out what types of clothing electrical workers should wear with help from a longtime electrical contractor in this free video clip.

Hi, I’m George Argo with Argo Electrical Services and I am the surge protector guy. Today let’s talk about what kind of clothing should electrical workers wear. You can see, I have my hard hat on. I have my safety glasses on. I’ve got 100% cotton shirt with an embroidered logo. Don’t use iron-ons. If you ever got into electrical shock, it would actually melt to your body. I’ve also got 100% blue jeans on and then I’ve got leather boots with rubber bottoms on for there and I’ve also got a pair of leather gloves that all workers should use but electrical workers especially if you think there’s any potential for voltage. I also have my other mechanic’s electrical gloves which are actually leather and these dudes we use these for dexterity purposes only. And I’ve also got my voltage tester. I always keep a voltage tester on me so there’s no question in my mind whether or not I’m working with a hot circuit or not and you can see I’ve got my sheath knife on my side here and obviously you don’t always wear a hard hat in covered settings but you can never be too careful. Anytime you are doing any drilling, any cutting, it’s just a good practice all together is to keep your safety glasses on. The safety glasses will protect your eye from any damage that you don’t see coming. Again, I’m George Argo with Argo Electrical Services and I am the surge protector guy and you just got through watching what kind of clothes should electrical workers wear.































































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