12 Keys to Understanding Grounding and Bonding Gainesville

Hey everybody, this is George with Argo electrical services. And I am the surge protector guy. So this is actually podcast number 11. And this is our third podcast on ground and grounding. This is part three, this is the final one we’re gonna do on this right now, by no means have I covered […]

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Grounding and Bonding Part 2

Hi, this is George with Agvo electrical services and I am the surge protector guy. So this is podcast about ground and grounding part two. So we’ll dive right back in to where we left off national electrical code article 250 dot six A affirms that grounding and bonding conductors circuit conductors, sir protection devices […]

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Gainesville, What is Grounding and Bonding Part 1

Hi, this is George with Argo, electrical services, and I am the surge protector guy. So, this is another podcast that we’re doing. And today we’d like to talk about ground and grounding. And also, you know, bonding. So, as electrician, it’s been in the industry for over 35 years, this still can be very […]

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