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  1. Lighting Retrofits – Many of our customers experience a thirty percent energy consumption reduction after our retrofits, especially in homes with larger square footage.
  2. Repair Existing Lighting – with over Thirty five years in the Electrical Industry in the Southeastern United States, we have experience with virtually any fixtures you currently utilize and are more than capable of providing our customers with Energy Saving and Eye Pleasing Lighting Solutions that will wow your visitors and reflect the Practicality of your last property improvement.
  3. Engineered Lighting – By allowing us to guide you during this part of the retrofit, you could qualify from rebates from GA Power and from the Internal Revenue Service.

Remodeling Projects

  1. Rewiring Houses – As Gainesville Electricians since 2008, we have completely replacing and rewiring multiple homes built in the seventies, sixties, fifties, and even 2 homes that were over 150 years old.
  2. Kitchen Remodels – many of our customers choose to replace older kitchens with new cabinets and in this process they replace all the appliances in their outdated kitchen. Usually, this will inclined additional appliances. When you need dedicated circuits for refrigerators, microwaves and top of the line ranges, stoves, and state of the art cooking devices, someone must perform load calculations on the existing Electrical System.
  3. Bathroom Remodels – Replacement of existing Lighting, exhaust fans, and code compliant Ground Fault Interrupter Devices are a snap with our Experience Electricians.
  4. Basement Buildouts – in the 12 years the Argo Electrical Services has been providing solutions in your neighborhood, we have built out dozens of basement with cutting edge led under cabinet lighting, hideaway devices, and National Electrical Code Compliance that will add thousands of dollars of value, savings and will make your home value increase drastically.

Service Entrance Repair

  1. Meter Base Repair – This is The Electrical Service Entrance. At this point, the Utility provider delivers the power, and the responsibility is now on the Consumer and the Electrical Contractor. Faulty Equipment can destroy the Motor in Air Conditioning Compressors , HVAC Furnaces, and also refrigerators and other components.
  2. Meter Base Replacement – When Load Centers fail, it is not a tremendously drawn out process to replace these components. However, this does include dealing with parents acquisition, utility coordination, and also dealing with the Building Authorities.
  3. Meter Base Upgrades – When building out basements, remodeling homes, and making additions to your home or building, upgrades are much cheaper for Gainesville Electricians in the beginning of the planning and construction process, than in the end.

Interior Electrical Panels

  1. Repair and Maintain Existing Electrical Panels – We can repair Old Fuse Boxes, Replace hard to acquire Breakers, and also return your dangerous electrical panel to a healthy state. Usually if your panel is over 25 years old we recommend you consider replacing them. Sometimes, this isn’t an option for Today.
  2. Add New Main Electrical Panels – When repairing or Performing Maintenance on your existing Load Center isn’t really an option. Many of our customers experience peace of mind and comfort that evolves from Electrical Components that not only provide appliance and equipment protection, they also protect your most important investment. Your Family.
  3. Sub Panels for Additional Electrical Needs. Load distribution is an integral part of Electrical Engineering for Gainesville Electricians. Many times a Sub Panel can give your older property a new life, while being implemented with substantially lower cost and use interruption.
  4. Electrical Load Calculations for Your Additions and Upgrades – if your contractor is adding circuits and electrical components without showing you load calculations-Stop! This can become a fire Hazard Immediately. We can provide you with load calculations for your existing equipment and your planned additions.
  5. Code Compliant Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter Breakers- Arc Fault Breakers are required for over 60 Percent of residential Circuits. This was implemented in the Code in 2014. Not only is this a superior system of over current protection. It is the highest level of fire safety.
  6. Code Compliant Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Breakers – Ground Fault Breakers have been used in Our Industry for over 25 years now.


  1. Grounding Upgrades – All 200 amp Meter Bases and larger require two grounding rods. If your home was built before 200, there is more than likely only one. For Fire Safety and system protection, this should be updated.
  2. Grounding Maintenance – repairs and maintenance are a snap with Argo Electrical Service.
  3. Grounding Repair – This can be not only a fire hazard, it can also be a huge safety hazard. Improper or faulty Grounding can result in Electrical Shock and /or electrocution.

Faulty Receptacles and Plug Ins

  1. Service Repair in a Flash – Call George Argo Gainesville Electricians today. We excel at finding that culprit that’s threatening your perfect July 4th Party, or Thanksgiving DInner. And How many of us have had a romantic interlude interrupted by a light switch that doesn’t work, or an outlet that stops playing that low music?
  2. Re Device( Replace Entire Home/Property With New Receptacles, Switches, Disconnects- Let us update your property with fire safe, energy efficient, Outlets, Switches, Plates, and even Dimmers.
  3. Troubleshoot Power issues in Older homes. Usually a redevice solves 95 percent of non working or intermittent service with light, outlets, and other components. We offer warranties on three different levels.

Lake Lanier Electrical Needs

  1. Corp of Engineers – Shoreline Management ( Exhibit C – Dock Inspection)- Schedule your Dock Inspection Today,
  2. Power for New Docks – Give us a Call Now. We can Probably do your inspection Now.
  3. Power Poles for Docks at the Shore of Lake Lanier – We have installed over 70 Power Poles on the Shore of the lake in the last 10 years. Hey, you’ll love the price & She’ll love the new look at your dock.
  4. Fault Finding – Argo Electrical Services has Fault Finding Equipment, this can solve your power problems now, and save $$$$ in repairs. We do it all the time.
  5. Dock Wiring – Whether you want one outlet for a boat lift and one light or you have a $100,000, we can deliver visually pleasing solutions with a warranty.
  6. Dock Wiring Repair – Repairs are a Snap with our Experienced Gainesville Electricians Crew.

Commercial Electrical Service

  1. Restaurant Buildouts
  2. Switch Gear Repair
  3. Remodeling Experts
  4. Lighting Engineering
  5. Lighing Retrofits