We began our Electrical Research and training in Middle School when we began experimenting with elementary projects. In High School we also participated in drafting classes and Excelled in Geometry, Trigonometry, along with Chemistry. This began our desire and thirst for Knowledge of energy distribution and the study of Magnetics. In 1987 I exited the University of Georgia. This was a dream of my Parents. Their vision was that I become an Attorney, like my Father. It would never be realized.

Soon thereafter I began working as a commercial electrician. We remodeled government funded housing. I began to learn methods of wiring homes. Later on I was instructed that multi-dwellings were different from single dwellings.

Argo Electrical Services Gainesville Electricians is owned By George Argo. He was born in Crawford W Long, In Atlanta GA in 1967. His Father was Born in Dalton Ga and His Mother was born in Southeastern Alabama. He is a Graduate from Vidalia Comprehensive High School, and a Graduate of the Electrical Construction and Maintenance Program at Lanier Technical College in Northeast Georgia. He has worked on over 500 Projects in the past thirty years. These ranged in Location from New Hampshire, to North Carolina, Kansas, and Tennesse.

Argo Electrical Services began business in Northeast Georgia in 2008. Nestled in the Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Owner of the Full Service Electrical Contracting, Began performing Electrical work in 1987. With Experience spanning from New Construction on Hundreds of Projects across Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee, our level of diversity is virtually unmatched by any of our competitors.

We began working on schools, hospitals, and several paper mills. We helped to construct Power Generation Plants in Western Georgia during the 90’s. We also have vast maintenance experience in the food production/packing industries. Also around 2005 George personally travelled to 7 different Nuclear Power Generation Stations to perform maintenance shutdowns. During this time he excelled in certifications ranging from molded case breakers, including Motor Control Center Maintenance 480 voltage technician certified. Transformer and Buss Maintenance. Electric Motor Controls ,and Replacement. He has proficiency with Raychem Terminations. This including multiple certifications for the common use of Electrical Test Equipment. Also including certification of Independent verification and equipment or component manipulation.

Since receiving a Non Restricted Electrical Contractor’s License in 2009, Our group has completed several restaurants, real estate offices, and remodeled countless homes with Service Entrance Upgrades, Panel Replacements, and retro fitting lighting in close

to 50 properties in the Gainesville GA, Hall County, Dawsonville, GA, Dawson County, and the Cumming GA, Forsyth County areas. We now boast about our clientele that extends to over 1000 customers in the past five years.

We offer a 5 Year warranty on Parts and Installation labor on your Purchase as your Gainesville Electricians. We offer a ten percent discount to active and retired military, school teachers, fireman, and peace officers. With over a hundred five star reviews on google, you should know we are the real deal. The Proof is ultimately in the pudding. Schedule an appointment today and find out for yourself. Our Electricians are simply a cut above. Our Integrity, quality, and value will keep you coming back in the future. George guarantee’s it.

Some of my Gainesville Electrician experiences include, use of different wiring methods than residential electricians. I went to hang a ceiling fan in a police officer’s apartment outside of Atlanta. This condominium was only 2 years old. I was shocked to find a switch in the kitchen that didn’t operate anything. I had a problem understanding how the builder ever passed inspection. A electrical contractor friend of mine told me the answer. It appears that when the inspection was performed there was no power active in the house.

I guess being a Gainesville Electricians commercial electrician, Dawsonville GA provides for stiffer requirements to have energized switchgear, which is necessary for larger occupancy venues. I have now been in the electrical service industry for over thirty two years. The progression of my electrical troubleshooting skills have increased tremendously in the past few years. Exposure to Security systems, lighting retro fit engineering, hospital grade wiring, and even exposure to control wiring in industrial settings have given me unlimited exposure to methods of electrical troubleshooting that few can rival.

On a Saturday morning, several years ago, a customer called us to troubleshoot a electrical problem caused by a heating and air contractor. These guys had disconnected a deep well water pump and two ground fault circuit interrupted receptacles. The technicians reconnected the receptacle’s to a 240 volt circuit. This mistake could have resulted in electrocution. Luckily, the only casualty was a new coffee pot. The technicians also left live wires under the crawl space of the home. In a few short hours I replaced the work with corrective measures that were acceptable. In any event, never let plumbers do electrical service work in your home or business.
Being firm with contractors not only makes sense, it could save your life.

Today we concentrate on creating relationships with our community. It is our belief that Electricians in Gainesville , Buford, and Dawsonville Georgia should perform at a

higher standard. It is our mission to be the best Electrical Contractor Available in Northeast Georgia. Our attention to detail along with installation and of the cutting edge electrical products we provide sets us apart from our Competition. Once we provide you service in your Residential Neighborhood, Troubleshoot or Remodel your Commercial Buildings Electric System, you will never need to find another Electrician near me.

The range of Our Gainesville Electricians Experience is astounding. We have performed Maintenance on all types of Properties. We offer straight forward pricing, no non- sense solutions to your needs. We are Electrical Contracting Problem Solvers. If it doesn’t make sense for you to do it, why would you. Let us save you money on your next remodeling project. We want to be your forever Electrician.