How to Troubleshoot Electric Home Lights —

Troubleshooting electrical home lights is something you can do with a variety of different tools including a pin voltage tester. Troubleshoot electrical home lights with help from a longtime electrical contractor in this free video clip.

Hi, I’m George Argo with Argo Electrical Services, and I am The Surge Protector Guy. Today, let’s talk about how to troubleshoot your home electrical lights. What I have here, is obviously a light bulb, I’ve got a single post switch, I’ve called what we call in the trade, is a tick tracer, it’s actually just a pin voltage tester. And then, I have an electrical meter. And what I would do as an electrician, if you called me to a service call on your house. The first thing I would ask you is, have you changed the light bulb? And if you don’t know that you have a good light bulb, and the way you can do that, is you test your light bulb that you’re using, in a lamp or another light somewhere else. If that light bulb works, you know your light bulb is good. The next thing I would do, is I would pull the switch that feeds whatever light you’re working on, out. If I take out the two wires from this switch and I touch those together, sometimes, I just use a jumper wire. If I touch those together and the light doesn’t come on, then I know I have some kind of a problem. The next thing I would do, is I would take my tester and I would test the two wires coming to here and see if I had voltage or not. If I have voltage, then I know that there’s something wrong with the light itself. If I’m not getting anything on my pin tester, the next thing I would do, is I would turn my electrical meter on to AC volt. And I would find a neutral or a ground and the hot wire, the potential hot wire and I would test for voltage. And I’d be looking for somewhere around a 120 volts, is optimal voltage. If these, right here doesn’t work, you have something wrong with your light. What you would need to do then, would be turn the power source to the light off and remove the light and replace it. Again, this is George Argo with Argo Electrical Services, I am The Surge Protector Guy. And you just got through watching troubleshoot your home electric lights.