More people suffer electrocution from 120vac sources than any other. The human heart only needs .033 milli-amps to cause cardiac arrest. The lower voltage seems to be easier to access and harder to release once contact is made. When the subject complete’s the circuit the individuals ability to disperse voltage to ground eventually in the body. I have worked in the Electrical Construction Industry for over Twenty Years. That participation has helped recognition of shock hazard in everyday settings.
A major tell tale sign that the integrity of your electrical wiring is in jeopardy are tripping circuit breakers and blowing fuses. When a Electrical Circuit Breaker trips or a Fuses blows, the wiring system has reached a potentially high temperature and is close to causing fire damage. A Circuit Breaker is there as a built in safegaurd to eliminate overcurrent dangers.
The second culprit of older properties is a lack of ground fault circuit interrupter outlets. The National Electrical Code requires any energized receptacle to be ground fault. This protects the home owner from electrocution. When water is added to a circuit that is being grounded by a human, the flow of voltage is accelerated. When the individual completes the circuit, the outlet will trip. This disconnects the energy source. This removes the potentially deadly voltage.
Ultimately for children and pets, extension cords seems to be the most accessible voltage danger. Many pests and pets seem to be attracted to the voltage. In any event, these sources are easily frayed causing access to unwanted electricity. Hopefully by installing the latest evolutions of electrical devices, danger can be significantly reduced. Providing electrical upgrades not only save money,but they create safe living environments and provide peace of mind.