Hi Guys and Gals,
Ignoring the possibility of an electrical power surge in your home can lead to expensive consequences. Virtually every electrical appliance that you have can be damaged or destroyed by a power surge. Installing whole house surge protection can save you from this costly problem.

Some appliances are more susceptible than others are, but all are at risk. In today’s world, so most of our appliances utilize an electronic control system. These are far easier to damage with a power surge than the older style of appliances. Even if the control system is replaceable, it likely has to be done by a technician and often the cost of the parts and labor exceeds the value of a new appliance.

Don’t forget the data stored on your computer. Even if the computer is unharmed, a power surge can easily erase most or all of your irreplaceable data.

There is a variety of ways to protect your appliances from electrical surges but the best is to install a whole house surge protector. You could add a portable surge protector to your appliances but remember that a major surge will pass through the entire electrical system so you really would have to add portable surge protectors to every single appliance to be safe. Whole house surge protection is a better alternative.

Generally speaking, you should have a licensed electrician do the work. After all, it is high voltage and the safely of your home that is being addressed. However, the procedure is not very complicated.