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5 Common Residential Wiring Issues


Electrical Upgrades can not only make your Lives Safer, They can save you money. In 2008, the National Electrical Code made it a requirement

to include Arc Fault Breaker Interrupters.Home Wiring, Grounding Upgrades,  Surge Protection, and Lighting Retrofits can save your

Home Electrical Costs by up to 40%. In some situations with Commercial Property Argo Electric has saved Customers up tp 54% on their Power Costs.

It is amazing how many customers call or e-mail every week asking for explanations for common residential wiring issues. Over the years, electrical wiring practices have changed drastically. Electricians that perform remodel projects sometimes fail to calculate for improvements in the national electrical code.
~ Many electricians that were trained in the seventies, eighties, and the nineties fail to provide a separate neutral for every circuit.
For many years, electricians used two or even three circuits with a shared neutral. The neutral carries the unbalanced load in electrical circuits. If the neutrals load is too far out of wack, the circuit is not only in jeopardy, but ultimately is a fire hazard.
~ Numerous customers call concerned that four or five receptacles no longer have power. Most residential electricians use the holes in the rear of the receptacle as a termination point. Even though technically these receptacles are made for this use, when the spring in the interior of the outlet releases, the live circuit is no longer connected. At this point, there is a fire hazard. The integrity of the circuit is now compromised.
~ Circuit breakers and fuses are in place to maintain the integrity of the electrical circuit. Ultimately, the circuit breaker provides for safety of the property and the owner. In many instances, today’s energy demands may far exceed the loads that were originally provided for by the original load calculations. Many times tripping breakers can be remedied by simply rearranging or repositioning the placement of cords.
~ Another common request is for troubleshooting of switches. It is amazing how much money I have been afforded by my customers by simply replacing a single pole switch.
~ Ultimately, tripped ground fault circuit interrupter receptacles, is commonly missed as a incomplete test of electrical systems.

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