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The following is a list of “Emergency Electrical Service” situations that may occur in a new home. Before calling our office, please read below for suggestions on how to correct each problem.

1. There is no power to either half or all of your home

2. There is no power to your heating or air conditioning system or electric water heater

3. There is a dangerous electrical situation (such as arcing, electrical shock or exposed wiring)


An electric arc is an breakdown electrically of a gas that brings about an ongoing plasma discharge, resulting from a current through normally nonconductive media such as air.  The air can become conductive through the presence of dust and other combustible material.

The Arcing in receptacles and switches in the walls of your home put a drag on the electrical system. Eventually the wiring will burn into causing an emergency situation.


In the rare event of a dangerous electrical situation (such as arcing, electrical shock or exposed wiring) what should I do?

If feasible, shut off the breaker to the appropriate circuit in the breaker box in the garage (all circuits are labeled in the box). In the rare event of fire or smoke, call the fire department and vacate the residence before calling our emergency number. You should always make repairs to wiring in junction boxes, including new wire nuts and covers for the junction box. Failure to repair these deficient protections will cause arcing.

What should I do if there is no power to all or a portion of my home?

First check the breaker box in the garage to see if there are any breakers that are tripped (no longer in the “on” position), then check with your power company for an outage before calling our office

What should I do if there is no power to my heating, air conditioning or electric water heater?

Call our office for service if any of the equipment listed above is not getting power.

Why is my smoke detector chirping?

Most likely your smoke detector is chirping because the battery is low. Change out the 9-volt battery before calling our office.

What should I do if one or more of my outlets (plugs) do not work?

Before calling our office, try the following solutions:

1. Turn on all the of the lights switches in the same room as the plug that is not working, sometimes plugs are wired to be operated by a switch

2. In areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, patios, and other “wet” areas, plugs are protected by a device known as a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI). If an outlet is not working in one of these areas, look for the outlet in the same room that has a “reset” and “test” button. Press the “reset” button and see if this corrects the problem.

3. If the above solutions do not correct the problem, check the breakers in the electrical panel located in the garage to determine if any of the breakers  have “tripped”. If you need assistance with this step or if the above listed solutions do not correct the problem, please call our service department and they would be happy to assist you.


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