Residential Electricians

Argo Electrical Services Gainesville Electricians offer extensive Electrical Services and Repairs for your Home In Dawsonville, Cumming, Buford, and Gainesville Ga. We can replace anything from a Part Time Plug In or Light Switch in your pantry or closet, to replacing the entire electrical panel or the service entrance which is actually better known as a Meter Base. The panels in your home can be considered virtually obsolete if they are over twenty years old. The National Electrical Code is a Living Breathing Ever changing document. The wiring methods used at the turn of the century are not the same methods being used in installations today. The equipment has totally changed as well. All these modifications in wiring methods has been for the benefit of the resident and ultimately for their safety.

Our Gainesville Electricians will not cut corners on methods of installations or will We utilize inferior or cheaper parts or materials. It is our commitment to deliver a commercial grade product in your residential setting. Our premium parts will be installed in a fashion to last, hopefully, for the life of your usage and the length of your ownership. Today’s modern homes utilize Arc Fault/Ground Fault Circuit Interruption Breakers. These systems no longer allow faulty electrical components to inject transient electrical voltage into the electrical system of your home. Not only will it provide state of the art monitoring of your electrical system, they provide cutting edge energy saving technology coupled with safety features that aren’t paralleled with past electrical installations or equipment.

Not only do we specialize in lighting fixture replacement, we also can give your older property a complete electrical makeover. We can perform entire home and property re-devising. This includes all new receptacles, switches, cover plates, and our replacement method also involves a commercial installation method that very few of our competition either practices or are aware of.

During this process of remodeling your residential electrical system your Gainesville Electricians should always perform a load calculation. This is not only the correct method for installation of ne electrical circuits and electrical appliances, it will protect you if some catastrophe should strike the property, you or your family.

Argo Electrical Services also works all around Lake Lanier. We provide Shoreline Management, Exhibit C, Dock Inspections for the Corp of Engineers. These certifications are required by the Army Corp every five years. This is to ensure that a Licensed Electrician in the State of Georgia has inspected the Ground Fault Protection near this Great Body of Water. We also offer new dock circuit installs. We have Fault Finding Equipment, and we are exceptionally skilled at troubleshooting these difficult electrical systems located near and on the lake.

Some of our customers have utilized our custom designed lighting retrofits in larger homes that resulted in over a Thirty Percent savings in monthly energy consumption. We have installed over fifty whole house surge protection and suppression. This installation also entails a Grounding upgrade that provides comprehensive grounding electrode utilization and when required upgrades that we perform in a flash. If you have an older property we can help you completely redesign your electrical system. The performance of the electric system in your home will determine the lifetime, longevity, and performance of all your major appliances

Residential Gainesville Electricians maybe the most important technician you employ. The construction of your home may be complete. Now, what will happen during the life of your home. Every home has basic devices and appliances. Some homes are built to custom specifications. Usually, everyone undertakes some type of remodeling. The question is can you maintain the electricity wires in your home, or should you employ a residential electrician to make upgrades and changes during the life of your residential investment?

Maintaining electricity seems like it would be easy. Regular safety checks can ensure elimination of fire hazards. Everyone should regularly check smoke detectors and turn off lights and appliances when not in use. Strip surge protectors can be installed generously around the structure. This provides minimal protection of electrical devices. You should test all ground fault circuit interrupters once a month. So this will be a great start to maintaining the electricity wires in your home. A residential electrician can also suggest energy saving tips. They can also help with installation of faulty devices.

Other areas that should be considered are continual load calculations. When your Gainesville Electricians designed the wiring for your home he performed a load calculation. As your appliances change or even as they wear out, the performance will change. The panel and the circuit breakers also behave differently over time. These components heat and cool over the years and eventually begin to not work as efficiently as they did when originally installed. Any licensed electrical contractor can help you perform a load calculation of your residential wiring. When devices begin to fail it is time to replace them. You may be comfortable with replacing these parts. It may be difficult for the novice to decipher wiring methods. Arcing wires in plastic devices are a fire hazard. Breakers that don’t trip can lead to fire in the electric panel.

Ultimately protection of the system will depend on the maintenance you perform. All the before mentioned factors can contribute to longevity of your system. Failure to act in a timely fashion can cause serious damage to your greatest investment, your home. Your local contractor can help you perform these maintenance tasks. They can also provide valuable experience. The investment into prevention could save you thousands of dollars in the life of the property. I would never suggest that you are not capable of performing these tasks. What I am suggesting is the fact that your electrician is trained and insured. Why not let him do the figuring for you?

Residential Gainesville Electricians maybe the most important technician you employ. The question is can you maintain the electricity wires in your home, or should you employ a residential electrician to make upgrades and changes during the life of your residential investment?