Yesterday, a potential customer called me complaining about losing to flat screen television. A game system and a home computer were destroyed during a three month period. He wanted to know what he could do to stop losing his valuable electronics. I suggested he consider whole house surge protection. Whole house surge protection does not just protect your electronic equipment, but it also will protect your home from catching fire. Lightning strikes and untimely electrical surges from the local power utilities systems cause fire.

When installing whole house surge protection, also include a Grounding upgrade. This will protect your system for up to seventy five percent more than it’s original protection. This grounding upgrade provides your electrical system better path to ground. This new path to ground gives the system the ability to trip the breaker. It is designed to trip. Whole house surge protection keeps unwanted voltage from getting into the system. Ultimately protecting your electronics.

Most home wiring will hold up to ten thousand volts on the conductors. However, this wiring will only hold a certain amount of amperage, during the electrical surge. The wiring of the house is only designed to hold a certain amount of voltage. It may hold 10,000 volts, but it’s not designed to hold the amount of surge experienced during a lightning strike or A power surge. Electrical utilities provide excessive voltage during brown outs! As our utility companies continue to struggle with providing electrical service to the growing population of the United States brownouts and power surges are a common place! Ultimately in the next few years is the national electrical code continues to improve upon safety and performance electrical systems whole house surge protectors will be required to be installed with every new construction home unfortunately the customer that has an older home will not be protected! In the United States alone over 60,000 home suffer from electrical fires every year for pennies on the dollar you can protect your property with surge protection and grounding upgrades. These upgrades not only provide safety but they provide peace of mind.
Many homeowners install protection from unwanted surges,in their house, by doing it themselves. Surge protection is a fairly easy installation most surge protectors only require a two pole twenty amp breaker along with the surge protector itself and installation of surge protector for your house only take 45 minutes to one hour. The grounding upgrade however may take several hours. Driving extra ground rods and installing ground wire into your existing meter base may become very difficult, for novice electricians. You may want to call a licensed master electrician to provide grounding upgrades.
Don’t be confused. Electrical shock is dangerous. If you are uncomfortable working in a 240 volt electrical panel, call someone who’s more experienced in handling these matters. Electrical shock can cause damage to extremities and even death.
We all have homeowners insurance. Homeowners insurance will not replace your lost heirlooms. I know if my house burned, I would lose a picture of my great-grandfather who was in the army, at the turn-of-the-century.I would lose my daughters second-grade class picture, which I would never be able to replace. Ninety five percent of all residential fires are electrical in nature. Even a fire fueled by natural gas, ultimately, is started by the electrical spark. Someone can install whole house surge protection and grounding upgrades, for less than five hundred dollars in most cases. Don’t lose your home and your valuables! Ignorance is not always bliss.