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A whole-house surge protector is hard-wired to your electrical system to provide power surge protection for your entire home. When  AC Currents surge, the whole house surge protector absorbs  it so your appliances and electronics aren’t damaged.

Proper grounding is key to making surge protectors work properly. Without grounding, the surge protector can’t protect your electrical components. If you’re unsure about your home’s grounding system, have your electrician check it out when installing the whole house surge protector.

The best whole house surge protection systems can stop surges of 40,000 amps and even more. Alarms or lights that indicate when a surge has been stopped are useful features to look for.

Options may include separate whole house systems to protect phone, cable, and internet lines. Multi-level surge protection systems can help protect against both transient voltage coming from outside your home and those caused by your appliances themselves when they power up and and turn off. It has been my experience, that a Surge Suppressor at the meter base, and inside all Sub Panels are the best Practice. We HIGHLY Suggest to begin at the Meter Base/ Service Entrance, but also include in all Electrical Panels. This will protect all branch Circuits.


Surge Protection Device; Voltage Rating 120/240 VAC; Frequency Rating 60 Hz; Circuit Configuration 1-Phase; Surge Current per Phase 18 Kiloampere; Modes of Protection L1-N, L-L; Mounting Plug-On; Approval UL 1449; Used On Loadcenter.


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