Three reasons to hire a unrestricted licensed electrical contractor include electrical safety, quality of the installation, and the cost effectiveness offered by these electrical services. With over twenty years of commercial, industrial, and residential experience, the electrician’s working with a qualified group of electricians are simply a cut above a majority of electricians in the service industry. As the economy has floundered, the quality electricians in the service industry has dropped drastically.

  1. Journeyman in the electrical contracting business generally have five years or more in the industry. In our industry the cutting edge of equipment can save your life. Today, the industry provides kevlar, rubber gloves, and even face shields to protect the electrician from arc flashes reaching over 25,000 VAC potential. A common theme taught,in the safety classes put on at Georgia, is that no job is more pressing than safety. These electricians only work on electrical circuits that have been de-energized.
  2. With so much time in the industry, master electrician’s have experience on projects ranging from paper mills, saw mills, hospitals, high rise commercial buildings, nuclear power plants, and even has great experience in residential housing construction. The quality of our productions usually supersede the requirements of the electrical code and the various city and county code requirements. Ultimately, we are gonna baby your property, as if it were our very own.
  3. The value is unsurpassed by franchise groups or other copy cat contractors. Ultimately,their no nonsense approach to service and installation saves the customers from 30% to 55% savings over most competitors invoices for similar work. The proof is in the Pudding! A honest approach leaves most customers feeling satisfied and provides a peace of mind unsurpassed by those service mechanics attempting to sell work. These services provides a hometown service, at a hometown price.


They provide energy saving solutions that solve real electrical dangers, for our customers.