Hi, I’m George Argo with Argo Electrical Services and I am The Surge Protector Guy. Today, let’s talk about how to plan your home electrical circuit. Any time you want to install a new device in your home, whether it be an electric range or you have a gas range, you want a new dryer, and A/C unit or anything else. The first thing you need to find out, is how many amps your device is going to be utilizing. And then, the next thing you would need to do, is go to your electrical panel. As an electrician, licensed, I would need to do a lighting calculation or a load calculation to see what your panel is using. And you know, especially for building new homes or new properties, I definitely want to use this. And what this dude does, is it talks about lighting load, it talks about fixed appliance load, also any loads that you would have. And what it uses, is the voltage amps that each device would be using and then, the square footage on your property. These are very important, you don’t want too much drag on your electrical system, especially the electrical panel. It can cause an overload and ultimately a fire. Once again, I’m George Argo with Argo Electrical Services and I am The Surge Protector Guy. And you just got through watching how to plan home electrical circuits.


Planning home electricalcircuits properly can help make your home a lot more energy efficient. Plan home electrical circuits with help from a longtime electrical contractor in this free video clip.


Planning your can be easy. Educate your self with knowledge of Load Calculations. Your Electrician in Gainesville GA can help you.