Electrical Safety Protection

  • Posted Signs( Warning Signs)
  • Over Current Protection
  • Electrical Source Covers(Panels, Switches, Receptacles)..etc.
  • Flexible Cable & Cord Connections
  • Proper Splicing
  • GFCI Protected Electrical  Breakers and Outlets(Portable Tools)
  • Shielding or Guarding of Electrical Equipment Indoor/Outdoor
  • Nomenclature(Marking)
  • Proper Electrical grounding
  • Distance(Clearance above, below,  around Voltage Sources) High/Low



Visits from the Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA)are not required to have prior notice.



Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is Protective Clothing, That is fire Retardant. Safety Glasses, Hard Hats, Face Shields, and Leather/Rubber Gloves.