I have been in the Electrical Industry for 27 years now. The evolution of protection for the Safety of Electricians has improved tremendously. However, with the decline of industrialization in the United States, the skill level of the Electrical Trade has declined.There are just not as many Highly Qualified Electricians to fill maintenance positions.
The Occupational Safety & Health Administration has made many improvements in the level of safety for American Workers. Coupled with a huge recession and in fighting in Congress, OSHA has limited resources to enforce the laws.

Don’t decide not to implement a Electrical Safety Program in your company! Gambling with the chance that no one will get hurt is similar to bluffing at the poker table. Completing a Compliance Based Arc Flash Assessment can be a costly venture. Opposed to Lawsuits,Deaths, and Fines, this process could appear very inexpensive.

Be informed about required Personal Protective Equipment. Improper application of this component of your Electrical Safety could result in Electrocution. If the Plan is not applied by the technician and witnessed by OSHA representatives you could be fined.

I have worked in facilities that cut corners on tool purchases. In some settings, the company purchases all tools used by it’s electricians. This is policy to control theft and meet criteria. They also have outdated tools. This makes it dangerous for the person performing repairs or maintenance.

Many people believe generic Arc Flash Labels will cover their assets. If the labels on your Electric Panels do not meet OSHA’s criteria, you will be cited.Some entities sell these Labels, without a assessment. This is not compliance.

Don’t forget about these requirements. Just this week OSHA cited 2 businesses in New York. This requirement is not going away. The future of your company lies in the balance.

We can skip the short circuit study.Coordination of protective switch gear is not vital. These idea’s can be a deadly mistake! Without conducting a Arc Flash Assessment, it is impossible to gather accurate data. This will produce labeling errors.

Many institutions fail to mitigate the electrical system as advised. The difference of Arc Flash Shock between Category 1 and Category 3 is significant. Ultimately, failure to improve the electrical system leave’s electrician lives in the balance!

Electrical Safety programs are vital for all companies holding Commercial and Industrial properties. These safety programs are the mainstay of safe environments. Then we can all focus on profits, and not losses.

Arc Flash Assessments allow you to have peace of mind that your company is creating a safe work environment. You have no fear. I will be bringing you more information on this critical subject!